Working safely

Health & Safety

”The most important thing at the end of the day is that all our employees can come home safely to their families”


Safe working environment

When it comes to a safe working environment the construction business is known to have a greater risk of accidents happening. On Salboheds we want to stand out in the business by valuing our safety culture highly. We always strive to have a strong conscious awareness of the safety aspect of the work we perform. Everyone working on our construction sites shall feel safe and have the opportunity to contribute to a safer work environment. High risk activities are constantly present in our daily work, and we must all act together to minimize these risks.

We at Salboheds are therefore continuously working to create a safer and more secure work environment for all our workers. Our work sites are constantly reviewed with updated routines and goals of how we should work. The most important thing at the end of the day is that all our employees can come home safely to their families and feel proud of the work they have performed.


Working safely


(Risk Assessment and Method Statement)

Our experienced site management, together with the working crew, plan and assess the risks before the work commences to bring forward the safest way to conduct the task, which is documented in a RAMS. We at Salboheds are satisfied when all who conducts the work is safe and happy throughout the whole process from planning to execution.


(Safe Plan of Action)

A regular working day at Salboheds kicks off with a daily SPA walkthrough of the planned works between working crews and site managers. All working crews goes through their work tasks and corresponding risks together with their Site Manager, which is recorded in a SPA document. In these gatherings there is always room for the co-workers to make their voice heard regarding new risks as well as improvement suggestions or other topics.



Statistically, some work activities have a higher risk of accidents, that’s why we at Salboheds have chosen to have a permit system for High Risk Activities. Before commencing any High- Risk Activity, the corresponding permit must be approved by Site management. Safety is always the number one priority in our projects.


Regular safety

Beyond the site audit, we have daily check-ups in each work area to ensure that safety is of highest standard. On these occasions the working crew also have the opportunity to bring up thoughts and comments which they might have not been comfortable to bring up during the SPA walkthrough with the entire team.