Salboheds - part of Eleda

We are part of Eleda Group

Since 2019, Salboheds has been part of the Eleda group – with companies covering all of Sweden and parts of other Nordic countries. Eleda’s goal is to become the leading infrastructure company in the Nordics, making Salboheds an important part of the organization as a local company and part of the group management. 

Eleda was formed in 2017 and in a short time we have established ourselves as Sweden’s leading company in development and maintenance of important infrastructure. We operate through independent and successful infrastructure service-and construction companies in regions all over the country. Our range of services is both broad and specialized. Eleda is characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, great commitment and motivation at all levels.

Eleda’s foundation ground from a business-model where decision-making within the organization is controlled independently for each company – with the goal that all companies should be the leader in their respective markets. The companies are supported by a small central organization that supports and manages the group.

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