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“A good collaboration means that the project flows and becomes an easier and more enjoyable journey for everyone involved”

Housing development area - Gotö

Gotö, an area on the outskirts of Västerås, where we, together with our client Aroseken and house supplier Obos, built a large infrastructure area.

The large residential area has been divided into five stages where Salboheds has carried out the last four stages. The construction of Gotö is part of Västerås City’s vision to build strong service areas that also contributes to housing supply.

– Our collaboration with both Aroseken and other subcontractors in the area has been a success factor in the project. Having the same vision and working towards the same goal is important for good cooperation, which means that the project flows and becomes easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved, says Magnus Nilsson, Business Area Manager at Salboheds.

So far, the project in Gotö has provided services, streets and more to over 80 households where sewage, water, district heating, electricity and fiber have been installed. This part of the planning area is also included in Västerås green structure plan.

– In order to minimize the transport of surplus masses, we have started a collaboration with Fullerö Golf Course. The result is a more undulating environment around the golf course and a reduced environmental impact, says Magnus further.

Salboheds has also been commissioned to complete slabs for all the houses in the project where both piling and rock blasting have occurred.


Magnus Nilsson

Business area manager Mälardalen