Reference project

Data center
in Tuna

Construction of data center in tuna

Groundworks for a data center including full infrastructure with underground services, power, telecoms, roads, preparations for slab and foundations, landscaping and stormwater measures.

In Tuna, together with our client Winthrop Engineering, we have built a new hyper scale data center for an international end customer. The construction of the data center is part of the effort to try to meet the ever-increasing demand for data storage and cloud capacity.

– The project in Tuna was our first project together with Winthrop and even though we had previous experience in building large data centers, working with a new client is always exciting. The collaboration with Winthrop has proven to be a success story with the first project delivered with a gold star and the next project in the start-up phase, says Dennis Peters, CEO at Salboheds.

– In November 2019 Salboheds formed a working relationship with Winthrop Engineering. We delivered a hyperscale data center in the Sandviken area. Since then, the synergy between us has grown at both senior leadership level and project management level which is a huge success given the level of risk that was at stake, says Benjamin Mawby, Contracts Manager at Winthrop Engineering.

With a tight schedule and ground conditions that involved large amounts of cut/fill – coordination and collaboration became key to being able to deliver the project on time and without compromising quality.

The project has contained large amounts of water, sewage, power and telecoms where quality and delivery reliability are important factors. Preparing for foundations and slab for the new buildings with the associated road network and landscaping has also been part of the project with the industry’s highest demands for quality and execution.

– Hyper scale Data Center construction projects mobilize very quickly once appointed, blended with a very aggressive construction schedule, means the selection of our ‘Supply Chain Partners’ is paramount. Salboheds has not let us down and is now very much our civil engineering contractor for future works in Sweden. Furthermore, Salboheds embraced our delivery demands and rigorous standards from day one by working with us in a collaborative manner which has allowed us to both excel in our project execution and exceed our client’s expectations; something to be very proud of. Furthermore, Salboheds willingness to evolve professionally on their pre-construction input, quality, risk management, health & safety, and overall project execution is supreme and very much appreciated by me and the wider Winthrop team, Benjamin continues.

– Cooperating in the daily work at all levels to ensure workplace safety and at the same time following the schedule and maintaining quality is incredibly important. We at Salboheds prioritize our relationships at all levels and in this type of project it is absolutely necessary for these to be successful. We are all aiming towards the same goal of working safely, delivering on time, and achieving the highest quality possible- something we can proudly say we have succeeded in, concludes Dennis Peters, CEO at Salboheds.

Benjamin Mawby